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Time dictates necessity to devote patients in a detail of their disease and treatment more and more and more. The information on rx drugs, taking into account their availability should be exhaustive. Olga Brite.

On our site we shall try to present the description of the drugs sold in online pharmacies. We are sorry, that some time the contents help will be not complete. Our resource new, and the list of prescription drugs is huge. On its creation time is necessary.

By an estimation the WHO, 20 % of all prescription drugs sold on the Internet - fakes.

Each fifth medicinal preparation sold on the Internet, is forged.

The given statistics has been resulted on an occurring of members of the World Health Organization (WHO), the news service of the United Nations transfers.

Meanwhile, in the countries of Africa and Asia volumes of a revolution of counterfeit medical products have reached 30 %. Experts mark, that as a whole the forged drugs make about 10 % of the world market of drugs.

" For life of people of a consequence which are covered behind these digits, are awful. Both poor and rich patients trustfully accept counterfeit drugs which can result in mors or serious diseases ", - the representative has declared World Health Organization (WHO) Hovard Zyker which is quoted by news service of the United Nations.

The pharmaceutics for the present moment began one of the most profitable spheres of business. On the data the WHO, criminals in the field of pharmacology in annually illegal image receive tens billions dollars.

Experts the WHO pay attention to special danger of purchase of RX drugs at doubtful "sellers" through the Internet. Approximately 50 % of all drugs sold through webs - pages - or do not answer fixed standards, or are fakes, is spoken in the report.

On treating of participants of an occurring strategy of struggle against diffusion of prescriptions counterfeit and not answering to standards has been submitted. It has been prepared the WHO and its international partners.

In the developed strategy it is underlined necessity of perfection of the legislation regulating the market of online prescriptions, and introductions of the criminal liability for its infringement. Authors of the document suggest to use, in particular, computer system of tracking of counterfeit prescriptions which will allow to transfer instantly the data on occurrence of suspicious preparations in corresponding national and international bodies.

To buy rx drugs through the Internet is dangerously.

Approximately half of the online prescriptions sold in the advanced countries through the Internet, - fakes, has declared the World Health Organization (WHO).

Experts call to not buy whenever possible a drug on websites as counterfeit preparations can cause an aggravation of symptoms of health or even mors Besides they can promote occurrence of more proof forms of diseases.

In this connection the WHO considers what to get drugs in the Internet follows only in cases when the used website is well-known to buyers.

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